More Trouble with Maths: A complete manual to identifying and diagnosing mathematical difficulties

From the Foreword by Professor Maggie Snowling: This is an astonishing book! It should be on the shelves of all professionals in the field of maths education and educational assessment.

There is very little written about diagnosis and assessment of dyscalculia and maths learning difficulties. This book provides a low-cost collection of tests and diagnostic procedures, all free to photocopy. They combine to provide a comprehensive diagnosis for ages 7 to 59 years old.

Review, from the TES, 2012

Maths Resource of the week:

‘In More Trouble with Maths, Chinn provides research evidence and tests for identifying crucial mathematical difficulties that are prevalent in schools. Amid the coverage on conditions such as dyscalculia, there are also fascinating sections about learners’ struggles with estimation and the crucial impact of short-term memory. The book makes fascinating reading, but more importantly, it will have a long-term positive effect on my teaching and my understanding of the difficulties many learners find with mathematics.’ Craig Barton, TES subject advisor for secondary maths

Over 10,000 copies of the two ‘Trouble’ books have been sold.

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