How to teach Maths

Book Description

How to Teach Maths challenges everything you thought you knew about how maths is taught in classrooms. Award-winning author Steve Chinn casts a critical eye over many of the long-established methods and beliefs of maths teaching. Drawing from decades of classroom experience and research, he shows how mathematics teaching across the whole ability range can be radically improved by learning from the successful methods and principles used for the bottom quartile of achievers: the outliers. Chinn guides readers through re-adjusting the presentation of maths to learners, considering learners’ needs first, and explains the importance of securing early learning to create a conceptual foundation for later success.

This highly accessible book uses clear diagrams and examples to support maths teachers through many critical issues, including the following:

The context of maths education today

Topics that cause students the most difficulty

Effective communication in the mathematics classroom

Addressing maths anxiety

The perfect resource for maths teachers at all levels, this book is especially useful for those wanting to teach the foundations of mathematics in a developmental way to learners of all ages and abilities. It has the potential to change the way maths is taught forever.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Where we are with maths education

Chapter 2 Key identifiers of future and current maths difficulties

Chapter 3 The core curriculum for arithmetic

Chapter 4 The developmental nature of maths

Chapter 5 Topics which cause the most difficulty

Chapter 6 Learner characteristics and key skills

Chapter 7 Meta-cognition

Chapter 8 Linking facts and concepts

Chapter 9 The role of language, vocabulary and symbols: Communication and perspectives on communication

Chapter 10 The inconsistencies of maths and their impact on learning

Chapter 11 How to use materials and visual images

Chapter 12 Two visual methods

Chapter 13 Anxiety and withdrawal

Chapter 14 Assessment and diagnosis of mathematical difficulties

Chapter 15 Classroom management

Chapter 16 Bringing it all together

Appendix 1 What an 11-year-old is expected to know

Appendix 2 Books and resources

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