Mathematics for Dyslexics, including Dyscalculia

This is the 4th edition of this seminal book which has been around for more than twenty years. It discusses the factors that contribute to the potential difficulties dyslexic and dyscalculic learners may have with mathematics and suggests ways of addressing these difficulties.

The first chapters consider the theoretical background. The later chapters look at practical methods guided by research and developed in the classroom to help dyslexic and dyscalculic learners.

The book is a thorough and comprehensive text to help teachers to understand students' needs and to learn a range of appropriate skills which will develop confidence and competence in working with dyslexic and dyscalculic students, of any age, who struggle with maths.

Rated 4.8/5
Review from Amazon site.

This book is not cheap - but it's worth every penny. There is more information crammed into these pages than in a dozen similar books.

The scholarly references are solid enough for quoting in dissertations, assignments, etc, but never confound or confuse. The line between scholarly, readable text and incomprehensibility for the general public is incredibly thin but Steve Chinn is a master at it.

This is already the standard text in the subject and deserves to be. Thanks, Prof.

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