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And...introduces... 'Maths Explained' a series of low cost video tutorials for those who struggle with maths (see the 'Maths Explained' page)

My experience spans over thirty years of work and research in special and mainstream education. In 1986 I founded and then developed a specialist secondary school for dyslexic boys, which won several major national awards.

I am now an independent consultant, researcher and writer and continue to present papers and contribute to conferences, deliver training courses for teachers, parents and support assistants in over thirty countries across the world.

Steve Chinn brought his unique course, "The Trouble with Maths" to Brussels and the teachers who participated in this course are still full of praise for or it, many feeling that it was the highlight of the academic year. Steve has an in depth understanding of the minds of children with learning disabilities that interfere with the learning of Maths, and is able to join these children on their level to find out more about how they learn and what they need to learn. He is also able to transmit this information to the teachers who attend his courses in a language that they understand, not the abstract language often used in such courses, providing an abundance of practical examples as well as the rationale for using them. Everyone comes away satisfied and Steve's information informs how these teachers teach Maths forever afterwards." Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative